Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Trek/Who crossover

Not exactly the one that some fans have been requesting, but here're previews of both issues out this week.


And STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN #2 (which was supposed to be exclusive to Ain't It Cool News but since the pages are now up at, I'll put them here, too. Although there's a lively discussion at AICN if you want to head there. Ain't It Cool will also have the only preview of issue 3, too:


Anonymous said...

I suppose there's little hope for a Who/Trek crossover...
-Ken R

Chris Ryall said...

We did try. A certain big-name sort who's currently doing Star Trek for us had a good idea but one of the two parties wouldn't approve a crossover.

Was that vague enough?

DanielW said...

I read that title and thought: Nothing good can come of this...
And then "Ryall, you devious bugger".

Anywhoo..... DRWHOOO!!!
Stoked about this.
Stoked about the future ongoings.
Stoked about being stoked!!!!

Mind you: I don't think Who "works" in the Trekiverse. Trek takes itself so seriously, while Who is barmy as hell.

Now... Who and Transformers... I think that might work ;)

DanielW said...

The art in Whispering Gallery is wonderfully Quintin Blake (ie the internal artist on tonnes of Roald Dalh books) IMO.

It's wonderfully "Who" (hint: barmy, thought-provoking, action-y)

carl rothwell said...

not sure this is a crossover so much as just somthing i think may be cool dr who and sherlock homes i just kinda think it cud work but then im insane

DanielW said...

Already done, my good fellow.
It's called "All Consuming Fire" by Andy Lane from the Virgin era of the novels. It's brilliant BTW.

It includes a wonderful scene where Holmes tries to "deduce" the Doctor, and the little agent of chaos just confounds him.

And for value added Who-nuttiness, the author throws in Mycroft, another Holmes brother called Sherringford, and a Great Old One.