Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Box and Key

Back in December, I posted some pics of a special present that Joe Hill sent to a few of us, an actual Skull Key from his LOCKE & KEY book. It gets better.

The key was created by Israel Skelton (a perfect name, and it's real, for a guy who made us these skeleton keys) and his Skeleton Crew Studio. Israel also created these Shadow Boxes built to house the key. I just got mine a few days back and it's as stunning in person as it looks here. Now if only he could find a way to create a working Head Key, so I could use it to... well, you'll see when LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES hits early next month.

And just to show how Israel's craftsmanship extends to more than just keys and the like, scope out this Eye of Agamotto he also recently created:


Anonymous said...

Holy cow that's awesome. Love seeing real life craftsmenship like that, let alone connecting it to awesome comics.
Luke (bassbot)

Gerry said...

how do i get an Eye of Agamotto?

Chris Ryall said...

"how do i get an Eye of Agamotto?"

Easy. First, you become a successful surgeon. Then you get really cocky about your skills, date and dump all kinds of women, and booze like there's no tomorrow. Then go for a drive in your sportscar, wrap said car around a pole, and wait for the paramedics. Then, after recovering for a while, find out that your hands now have nerve damage and won't allow you to use them for delicate surgery any more. Freak out. And then become a bit of a bowery bum, where you need to them overhear a conversation about a Tibetan monestery where someone called The Ancient One can supposedly heal you. Pack your things and head to Tibet. Finally be accepted into the monestery and start learning magic at the feet of the Ancient One. Eventually defeat your twisted schoolmate and become teacher's pet. Graduate at the top of your class of one as the Sorcerer Supreme. Head from there to NYC and get yourself a nice place in the village. Unpack your graduation gifts, one of which will be the All-Seeing Eye you're asking about. And there you go. Easy as pie.*

*Note: personal manservant optional.

(Israel also sent pics of an Ultimate Nullifier he'd been working on for another customer, so whenever that one's done, I can tell you how to get one of those as well. You might need to pack your things and relocate to Zenn-La, however)