Saturday, February 14, 2009

Steve Jobs' raison d'etre

We all know that the real reason for Apple's existence, for all the development on innovative products like the iPod and iTunes and ultimately the iPhone and the iPod Touch was this: ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS being offered as Apps on the iTunes store. All three chapters of the first series are now available as downloadable comics (issues #0 and 1 just went live today) for a buck each. The first story, #0, is actually three serialized tales that were offered in D'AIRAIN AVENTURE and the hardcover edition. The first of those serials will likely also be offered as a free app soon, but for now at least, all three issues are ready to go, with ZvRvAMAZONS coming soon, too.

And as a bonus ZvR image, here's the final cover for the first isue of the new comic series coming from Ash Wood and I in June. You Frank Frazetta fans might recognize the image's source material, too:


Anonymous said...

Sweet, if you buy me an iPod Touch I'll so download those.

LOOKA said...

Hey that's very good to hear!

Both, the comics on iTunes thing AND ZVR news! GREAT GREAT!