Saturday, February 21, 2009

IDW's new releases for February 25

Angel #18
Carl the Frog [Worthwhile Books]
Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery
Dreamland Chronicles Vol. 3 TPB
Next Men Premiere Edition, Vol. 1 HC
Popbot Vol. 8
Star Trek: Countdown #2
Violent Messiahs Vol. 2 TPB

(And for the East Coast and all the other shops that didn't get last week's books, these titles will be in stores this week, too)


PatShand said...

Quick question: Is the "Aftermath" subtitle dropped, or is that on the actual comic and just not on these pictures?

wyndam said...

I'm wondering that myself. With the Dru/Gunn stuff coming up though it makes sense to just go to "Angel" since they won't deal directly with Aftermath.

PatShand said...

Well, I think even if they keep the "Aftermath" title, that would change for those issues, Wyn. Just as "After the Fall" was Brian's story, "Aftermath" is Kelley's, so it would change when she's done. That is if they're still using subtitles.

Chris Ryall said...

The subtitle won't be on the covers but it'll be the name of Kelley's arc (and the resulting HC that follows).

In other Angel news, I got both Brian's Gunn (issue 23) script and Franco's first Dru cover (actually now going to be used on issue 25) this weekend. Some days, the Inbox is my friend.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome to hear regarding Angel,
so how many issues is Aftermath ?
I heard that's 5 ?

and Popbot 8 came out last week for me,
was a good read as usual,if only the book came out moreso,

all the best mate,

PatShand said...

Are all three of those Doctor Who covers Templesmith's? Dude is prolific.