Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Summer schooling

It's a bit too soon to really start talking about it, but since I added that sidebar link to the presale, I might as well show a bit more to explain that. I showed the cover to COMIC BOOKS 101 before, a prose book about comics that I wrote with Scott Tipton. The book serves as a sort of primer to comics, covering the history, publishers, creators and characters in a visually appealing style that should give longtime fans some cool things to pore over and give new fans all the overview they need.

We just saw the design pages this week, and it's now off to print and coming in late May. The book's design is gorgeous, and as we get closer to the book being offered beyond, I'll no doubt run more of it, maybe an actual chapter and some of the "celebrity contributions," too. But for now, here's a look at the table of contents, which gives a good look at what we discuss in the book.


Anonymous said...

Nice. TOC makes this look a lot more interesting than I had thought at first glance. Just added mine to the pre-order list!

Shaun K said...

Do want!

Anonymous said...

that looks awesome mate,
I'm still waiting on ordering the book from my bookstore,
they say May is fine to order,
with Stan Lee doing the intro that is wow,

all the best,