Monday, February 23, 2009

Drawing Dru

We announced at the New York Comic-Con that Brian Lynch and Franco Urru would be returning to ANGEL following Kelley Armstrong and Dave Ross's 5-part "Aftermath" storyline (which starts up this week). Brian is going to be accompanied by Juliet Landau for a 2-part story that explores Drusilla's whereabouts in the "After the Fall" world. And outside of a couple earlier cameos/flashbacks, this will be Dru's first appearance in our ANGEL comics. They'll be co-writing it together but the story is all Juliet's. Here's Franco's cover for one of the issues (for those keeping score, this cover will be for ANGEL 25. Issue 23 will be a standalone Gunn story by Lynch and Urru, and this cover now makes more sense for part 2 of the Dru story, so it'll be issue 25. And what's coming after issue 25, you might ask? We'll be talking about that soon enough...).