Sunday, February 1, 2009


I just got done viewing the beta test App for ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS on the iPhone/iPod touch. And bias aside because I think it's cool to see the comic Ash Wood and I did make it to the iPhone, it really worked great. The App, done by Genus (who have a couple other comic-related art book Apps up now, Tribe 1 by Kent Williams and Tribe 2 by Dave McKean), has a few tricks that the other comic-related apps haven't had.

Now the App has to be submitted to Apple to see if it passes muster and doesn't offend any of their content restrictions (as long as they have no rules against melted limbs, zombie-related deaths and the eff-word, we should be great), it should be offered at the iTunes store very soon. In the meantime, pardon my not-great Photoshop skills in mocking up the image to accompany this blog entry. That title page will look a bit better when it accompanies issue 1. The first ZvR app offered would a 0 issue, containing the three 8-page stories from D'AIRAIN AVENTURE and the ZvR Hardcover.

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