Friday, February 27, 2009

Smryall Time

The art for David Messina's ANGEL: SMILE TIME #3 cover came in today (along with all the finished pages. I'd say David was a workhorse but that somehow cheapens the great work he does, finishing this book along with COUNTDOWN #4 at the same time). Each issue of this series had a cover based on a previous image. The first issue was inspired by an old Bob Larkin HULK cover, issue 2 was a take-off on the FIGHT CLUB poster and now the final issue and its inspiration are below. Some dramatic license was granted in making Spike a puppet on this image, too.

And speaking of inspiration, I was working on something to do with "Smile Time" a year or so ago while putting this blog together, which is what led to the "Ryall Time" name (not some of the more... colorful reasons and guesses that a few people offered). There, my secret's out, and entirely uninteresting...

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Skytteflickan88 said...

I love this cover. I love the image that inspired it as well.