Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun with poodles

I predict the blobs that show up in issue 2 (and especially in issue 3) of GROOM LAKE are the breakout stars of the book. I hope so, since I have endless blob stories to tell...

Incidentally, I'm not just going to push GROOM LAKE in this blog, despite the heavy array of blog entries about it lately. But when a new piece of art like this comes across your inbox, it can't stay hidden for long.

Update 3.25.9: here's a link to a new interview with Ben and I at BrokenFrontier.com.


PatShand said...

Oh man.

Please, keep on keeping with the Groom Lake pushage. I'm getting more amped for it by the day.

carl rothwell said...

set free the blobs mr ryall gelantanous mayhem insues