Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rising Angel

FALLEN ANGEL is coming back in July, and with her will be Illyria for the initial four-part story. The book will still be written by Peter David and art by JK Woodward (who will also provide a cover for the first issue, alongside the already-shown Franco Urru cover). The debut issue, in July, will also feature a special 1:10 incentive cover from ANGEL cover artist Nick Runge. The colors will follow shortly but here's the b&w art for that cover:

And the original pencils for the piece, too:


Anonymous said...

That cover looks awesome! This looks like a promising crossover!

PatShand said...

WOW. Probably the best example of Runge's work I've ever seen. Well, maybe tied with his art in the Wesley story from "First Night."