Monday, February 23, 2009

Into the Groom

The first issue's not out until March 18, but a couple more advance reviews of Ben (artist “rock god,” as the first review here says) Templesmith and I's GROOM LAKE #1 have hit, and they're both very solid. First up,, which says among other things that "there’s an air of X-Files to the proceedings, but it’s been retrofitted with an almost Ellis-like flair of snark and guile, which makes the plot and the flow of the story pop to a degree that I wasn’t expecting."

And then Calliope's Realm seemed to take to the first issue as well.


carl rothwell said...

tis such a crazed looking comic but trully in a kick ass style ill bet ur already planning groom lake 2?

Templesmith said...

I'm no "rock god", trust me.

I'm basically the Richard Simmons of comics.