Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Class is in session in May

The little sidebar image here at the blog links to my first "prose" book, coming this May from IMPACT Books. Co-written with Scott Tipton, who runs the Comics 101 Web site (and who you may remember from such IDW comics as STAR TREK: KLINGONS, ANGEL: AULD LANG SYNE, ANGEL: SMILE TIME, the upcoming ASTRO BOY: UNDERGROUND and ANGEL: NOT FADE AWAY and others), the book is a sort of primer to comics, running down the various publishers, comics characters, creators, history of the industry, and much more. It's got new sidebar contributions from guys like Clive Barker, Joe Hill, Brian Lynch, Mark Waid, Gene Simmons and others, as well as a new intro from Stan Lee and an outro-essay from Harlan Ellison, lots of comic art, and a cover from LOCKE & KEY's Gabriel Rodriguez.

Anyway, more hype on the book to come, like when the Previews with the book is released, but for now, here's a look at the homepage image to

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Anonymous said...

yes,another couple of months for the book,
so awaiting to read that,
with Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison doing the intro and outro,
how can you not,
two legends,

any chance of more prose books from you in future ?

all the best mate,