Monday, February 2, 2009

20 Questions with Chris Ryall

J.C. Vaughn, who's written some 24 comics for IDW, as well as comics for other companies (and who serves as the Executive Editor of Gemstone Publishing and Geppi's Entertainment Publishing), is a contributing editor to the blog Comics Spotlight:

Comics Spotlight is dedicated to documenting the creative process in the comic book field through feature articles and interviews, as well as reviews.

The reason I mention this is, over the past week, J.C. has been interviewing me for a piece at Comics Spotlight. It just went live, is 20 Questions with Chris Ryall, and is maybe the longest interview I've done in a year. Or at least the most personal, since it discusses my background and writing process more than it does individual IDW projects.


Anonymous said...

that is awesome man,
one of the best interviews with you if i may say so myself,
very insightful,

all the best mate,

Anonymous said...

Yep I enjoyed reading this too, especially the tips on submitting stories. The amount of work you've got on your plate is quite remarkable, and a little scary. I hope four hour sleeps are not the norm. One thing I would say is that, rain or shine, this blog is always updated and for that reason I come back often. Keep up the good work.