Monday, August 24, 2009

IDW's new releases for August 26

Astro Boy: Movie Adaptation #2
Doctor Who: Cold Blooded War
Sparrow Book #12
Transformers: Best of U.K. Omnibus
Transformers: The Complete Ark

And because I'm on the road and don't have easy access to the covers or 5-page previews for these issues right now, how about instead a page from the DOCTOR WHO one-shot, which is drawn by Tom Mandrake and colored by Charlie Kirchoff, who also makes his writing debut on this issue.


DanielW said...

Umm Chris... that's from September's Who "Black Death, White Life".

August's is Cold Blooded War.

Still - LOVE the preview.
More historically set stories would be great.

Charlie Kirchoff said...

I think that's why he used the word "instead". Either way, I certainly don't mind him showing it a month before it comes out. :D

Ben King said...

If the artist is going to use a 3D model of the TARDIS to trace over, he could at least use an accurate one.

RE: Windows!