Monday, August 24, 2009

All Hail Summer

In October, the first annual Long Beach Comic Con will be held in Long Beach (the town o' my birth). The con has an ocean theme, as you can see below from the logo:

To have fun with that theme, we're doing a special edition of THE TRANSFORMERS: ALL HAIL MEGATRON #16, the final issue of that series before the ongoing TRANSFORMERS title kicks off in November. This edition will only be sold at the con. To go along with the con's theme, we had E.J. Su do up this special Transformers "Endless Summer" tribute:


lonegamer7 said...

Jeeze Louise... And now I can't decide whether to hop on down ('tis only half-hour). >_@;

Fanbot said...

coooooolll! will cover have titles or will it be a virgin cover?

lonegamer8 said...

That reminds me, any panels or events, Chris?

Chris Ryall said...

>coooooolll! will cover have titles or will it be a virgin cover?

Just the TF logo on the front, the rest will be on the back cover.

And lonegamer8, not sure about panels yet. But Berkeley Breathed will be there signing his new BLOOM COUNTY book, anyway.