Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Danger is her middle --well, first -- name

One of the things we announced at Comic-Con was the fact that J. Scott Campbell is bringing his DANGER GIRL book to IDW. Which will lead to new collections of the material, and possibly new material as well. And right now, speaking of free iTunes comic downloads (as I was directly below), the #0 issue of DANGER GIRL is also a free app at the iTunes store. Jeff's artwork formats really nicely for the iPhone, so there's another free comic option if you want to give our stuff a look in that format.


Stephen Mooney said...

One of my favourite comics of all-time.

Anonymous said...
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James Snelgrove said...

Oh, fun, I have always loved J. Scott Campbell's art. I hope that your connection with him will allow him to do some work on your other properties as well.