Friday, August 14, 2009

Monthly Weekly World News: The Covers

When WEEKLY WORLD NEWS #1 hits in January, one of the covers will emulate the look of the newspaper itself. Which allowed me to be the reporter/headline writer and Alan Robinson to be my "photographer," as you can see in both the full-color and newsprint variant versions:

For the variant cover, we wanted to pay tribute to the great Alex Ross, so Joe Corroney did just that with this cover (note: Bat Boy does not appear in spandex in the actual comic):

And the original Alex Ross image:


CHUNK said...

I love the Alex Ross style cover! hahaha!

I'm all about buying this comic. Batboy is an American treasure.

Matt said...

I remember reading the Weekly World News whenever I visited my grandparents as a teen. I'd end up reading a dozen or so in a row, loved them, love Bat Boy :)

This has likely been mentioned and I have overlooked it but is this an ongoing series?

DanielW said...

That's it.
I'm sold.

When is ordering available on the IDW website?

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Chris Ryall said...

>This has likely been mentioned and I have overlooked it but is this an ongoing series?

It's a 4-issue miniseries starting in January, so available to order in the November issue of Previews.

So, miniseries for now, but if it works and sells well, I could write this book monthly for the next 40 years and be happy...

Tony Solomun said...

cool to hear mate,
I'll do my best to support this comics as best as I can,
sounds so fantastic I'm sure will be good,

all the best mate,

Anonymous said...

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