Saturday, August 1, 2009

IDW's new releases and 5-page previews for August 5

Click the link for a 5-page preview:
American McGee's Grimm #4
Angel #24
Angel: After the Fall Vol. 1 TPB
Astro Boy Movie Prequel: Underground #4
Doctor Who Classics Series II #9
Fallen Angel:Reborn #2
Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft TPB
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Q
The Veil #2


DanielW said...

Spotlight: Q and Fallen Angel and the first of the "Dru-Parters".

ryan marshall said...

swell Fallen Angel and Angel Drusilla part 1 is out on the same day! YAY!

Unknown said...

When is "Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #1" due out?

Chris Ryall said...

"When is "Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #1" due out?"

Next Wednesday, August 12.

Classic Maiden said...

Beautiful covers - look forward to Fallen Angel and the New Angel with Drusilla arriving in my mail box :D