Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You don't know Ditko

This fall, we're doing an ART OF STEVE DITKO book with designer Craig Yeo. Which is in itself pretty great, just to be doing it, but it got even better yesterday. A stack of Ditko's original art, from TALES OF SUSPENSE and other older comics, these great grey-scaled mystery and monster tales from a half-century ago, were in our office. When working on comics all day every day, it's rare to have those moments that revert you back fully to nothing but a raving fan, but holding these pages in my hand did have that effect. This book is going to be great just for the chance to show off at larger size so many old pages and stories beyond his SPIDER-MAN or DOCTOR STRANGE work. The detail and care that went into these pages was pretty amazing to behold. Details on the book are up at right now.


ANDY KUHN said...

WOW! that's cool. :)

El Torres said...

Groovy. This one will be mine!

Tony Solomun said...

and Craig Yoe as well editing that,

all the best mate,