Monday, April 6, 2009

Ten Spot

Later this week, IDW celebrates its 10th anniversary. We'll be showing off the special 10th-anniversary hardcover oral history book we produced at, and I'll show some other things here to help celebrate our decade of existence. Fan/graphic designer James Biggie sent along this piece to commemorate the occasion, too, which seems a good way to kick off this celebratory week.


Shaun K said...

James does good work. Check out this piece he did for Spotlight: Jazz:

Chris Ryall said...

That's a nice piece, too. His "Vertigo" tribute for All Hail Megatron was also good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love the style in this, thanks for sharing Chris. Very reminiscent of Hutch's work.
Read More Comics!
I agree.

Unknown said...

Awesome! Thanks guys for the kind words!

And thanks Chris for posting my stuff again, and happy birthday!


BobbyNash said...

Congratulations on the niversary, Chris. Looking forward to the next 10 ears.


Inal said...

Love the retro Constructivism style. Beautifully work by James again