Friday, April 24, 2009

Play mates

David Chapman at PLAY Magazine interviewed me about the coming COMIC BOOKS 101 book, and covered IDW's 10th anniversary and other things.

Chris Ryall is a man of many talents. Ryall first made a name for himself running the Movie Poop Shoot website for Kevin Smith, before diving headfirst into the comic industry. These days, Chris gets his paycheck over at IDW Publishing as the company's editor-in-chief. This June, though, Chris (along with co-writer Scott Tipton) will focus his expertise on teaching readers about the ins and out of the comic industry with the release of Comic Books 101: The History, Methods and Madness from IMPACT Publishing. Chris took some time out of his schedule to school us on the upcoming book, his thoughts on the comic industry, and what's to come from IDW Publishing. Take your seats and get ready for roll call … class is officially in session.

Full interview here.

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