Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First glimpse of Metroplex

Other than pages 1 and 22, the upcoming TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT: METROPLEX features are that spreads across both pages for the entirety of the issue. Which not only means that artist Marcelo Matere is really earning his money on this one, but it also means you'll get a real sense of scale as befits a character the size of Metroplex. It's too soon so show much of the book's interiors, but since I haven't featured the Transformers here in a while, here's a look at a single panel stretching across pages 10-11 of the issue. Which is enough to convey not only the scope of this story but also the great job Marcelo's doing on the art.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks Chris!! Good to feel some TF love. :) I'm pretty pumped for this issue. What month are you planning to release it?


Liam Shalloo said...

sexy as hell. MM has out done himself

Carlos said...

Glad to see Marcelo's back. And as always, he rocks.

Priscilla on colours maybe? I mean PLEASE? ;)

Chris Ryall said...

It's coming out in July.

Andrew Griffith said...

Looking forward to it. Oughtta be "HUGE," to borrow from the parlance of Donald Trump.

DanielW said...


Javier R said...

Wow This will be one epic read!! I wonder if Six shot really knows what he's going up against. ;)

Can't Wait!

DanielW said...

IDW's been stellar with these Spotlights so far.

I really think we could do with more (maybe 7-8 a year) and not run out of either ideas for stories or characters.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Thanks for showing Metroplex the love he deserves.

Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

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