Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IDW-X Uncovered

Continuing the look at IDW's 10th anniversary this week. Inside the 10th Anniversary project that we're releasing next month are not only two hardcover books (one the oral history of the company, one a gallery of every single cover we produced through December 2008) but also a special comic book insert. This comic features all-new 5-page stories of LOCKE & KEY (6 pages actually, from Hill and Rodriguez), WORMWOOD (from Templesmith), FALLEN ANGEL (David and Woodward) and ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS MEET POPBOT (Ash and I). Here's the original painting for the cover of that comic and his sketch layout, too, courtesy of the artist who's been with the company from the very beginning, Ashley Wood.

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James M. Biggie said...

His stuff is always amazing!