Saturday, April 11, 2009

101 Things I Love

I don't know how many people delve into page 300 or beyond in the Previews catalog, but in this case, for the current one soliciting books shipping in June, I hope you make it to page 317. That's where COMIC BOOKS 101, the book I co-wrote with Scott Tipton, is being offered:

The book, the same one I mention here periodically and have the Amazon ad for directly to the right, will actually be in stores around May 18. It's a fun little tome all about comics and featuring some fun contributions from all kinds of comics luminaries. A close-up look at the book, which was Spotlighted by Diamond:

And then, last Thursday, I got two different advance copies on the same day: GROOM LAKE #2 (coming May 6, with either the Archibald cover or the blobs-eating-the-poodle edition) and an actual copy of COMIC BOOKS 101. So this project, which started at the end of 2007 (if you don't count the five years of pitching and proposing and tweaking that came before) finally came to fruition with the completed book.

Finally, I have a first-generation Kindle, so its ability to reproduce graphics aren't as great as the current second-gen model that Amazon is selling now. Still, I thought I'd try out our STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN comic on there just to see how it looked on the first-gen model. And as you can see, even then, the greyscaling works pretty well. Although now more than ever it makes me want to upgrade to the current model...

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