Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Launching Grimm

AMERICAN McGEE'S GRIMM, based on the videogame and featuring the amazing art stylingf of Grant Bond (who works in two styles in every issue, parodying classic comic book art similar to the genre being messed with in the comic, as well as the fully CGI art of Grimm and the game itself) launches tomorrow. And it really needs to be seen to give you a good idea of just what it is. So I encourage everyone who sees it in the shop to at the very least thumb through it and see if it looks interesting enough to try. I do really think it's a sleeper title in that it worked great, it's just not something familiar to too many people.

Helping increase the familiarity is Dwight MacPherson, the book's writer. Not only are Dwight's scripts pretty hilarious and very spot-on as he parodies superhero comics, romance comics, westerns and more, but he's great at talking up his projects, too. ComicBookResources.com has just posted a new interview with both Dwight and Grant, where they discuss the comic and show a good amount of art, too. The full interview can be found here.

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DanielW said...

Hmmm, may have to try this.
I'll be asking for my $7 back if it's rubbish though ;)