Saturday, April 4, 2009

First official review of Comic Books 101

COMIC BOOKS 101 got its first advance review yesterday, from Arizona Daily Star movie critic and author Phil Villareal. Great review, too. An excerpt:

"Chris Ryall and Scott Tipton make geeky seem cool. They’ve done so since their Movie Poop Shoot days earlier this decade and continue to do so as comic book writers and on their spin-off site, Comics101.

Like many of us, the guys have spent their 30-plus years buried in illustrated, bag-and-boarded drama, but unlike nearly all of us, they’ve got something to show for it. Ryall is the editor of IDW Publishing and he and Tipton have written comic books scripts for several series, including Transformers, Angel, Spike and Star Trek.

With their book Comic Books 101: The History, Methods and Madness, the dynamic duo has put together an authoritative history of the comic book industry. The book is not due out until June 5 but is available for pre-order."

The entire review can be found here. The book's available for preorder at right now and is being offered on page 317 (Diamond order code APR09 1125)of the current Previews catalog available in comic shops, too.

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