Thursday, April 16, 2009

Standing in the Q

In August, our array of STAR TREK ALIEN one-shots turns to NEXT GEN era with a
Spotlight on Q. Here's a look at the cover inks by the book's artist, Elena Casagrande. It seemed time for Q -- we'd put off using him long enough, so he finally gets his due in this story written by Scott & David Tipton.

Update: Just got a color version, courtesy of Elena and colorist Ilaria Traversi:


DanielW said...

Loved Spotlight: Klingons and even the Bored/Borg wasn't too shabby.

Looking forward to SL:Q

Anonymous said...

Love the Trek Spotlights. Are there going to be 6 in this series again Chris? With Tribbles and Klingons done and Q on the way, any hint on what the others may be?

DanielW said...

Rumour is rife that one of them will be Betazeds and another will be Jem'hadar.

David Ferguson said...

Sounds interesting.

A spotlight on the Founders would be good.