Friday, May 1, 2009

BotCon job

Later this month, a few of us from the office and also creators from the hinterlands will all be in Pasadena for the 2009 BotCon convention. The site has put up a list (and amusing images) for all the confirmed TRANSFORMERS writers, artists and editor-types, viewable here.

In other TRANSFORMERS news, the official movie site for REVENGE OF THE FALLEN now includes a link to our comics on the home page, which is nice to see.


Anonymous said...

What a great lineup! Is that the largest IDW attendence for a Botcon? Too bad neither Simon or Shane could make it.


Klaus said...

And I can't make it either. You guys are all there!! It was such a blast hanging out and partying at last year's San Diego Con! I pray I can come again and we repeat that. However I got a comic to draw before that still, so we'll see what the timing says. Enjoy botcon!!
Kind regards from Germany!


lonegamer78 said...

Gratz and can't wait to see you guys! :D

Andrew Griffith said...

Gotta admit it's pretty cool to see something I worked on getting plugged in a site that gets that many visitors.

Klaus, get yourself back over here, man! I miss hanging out with ya.