Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who is Ng Hudson?

I came across another review of GROOM LAKE #1. This one at ComicRelated.com, and I thought it was notable for a couple reasons. One is that the review contains within a few photos like the one I posted above, of the reviewer Dane Dravor flipping the pages of the comic itself. I don't know, I found that kind of amusing. And I like that it shows that he actually read the comic itself and didn't pull it from a torrent site or just read it in the shop.

Also, he runs the initial solicitation text before the review itself:

The truth is out... er, under there? In the remote Nevada desert there sits a dry lakebed called Groom Lake, and under that land resides a secret base that holds all the secrets of the world. Not this world, either. Writer Chris Ryall and artist Ben Templesmith present a four-part tale of abductions and probings, conspiracies and secrets. And the key to it all is held in the grey, six-fingered hand of one Ng Hudson.

That copy is a bit incongruous now, mostly due to the reference to the alien being named "Ng Hudson." That was his original name when I wrote the series up. "Ng" was my tribute to Ray Bradbury's THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES. But it started to not really work for me as Ng's voice developed. And I remembered a story I read about the "real" grey alien that supposedly lived in the underground base at Groom Lake. His name was Archibald, the books said, so my alien became Archibald, too.

Anyway, very fun review. And below the review, it seems to take on added weight, since the reviewer also ranks the comic's importance to the company and to the comics medium, too. Full review here.

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