Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fallen Angel vs Illyria

In July, Peter David and J.K. Woodward's new FALLEN ANGEL series, REBORN, begins, and the four-part tale guest-stars Joss Whedon's Illyria for the entire story. The first issue is available for preorder now in the current issue of Previews, and here's a 7-page preview of the issue, too (feel free to get the coding for the preview here if you'd like to embed the preview at your own sites blogs, Facebooks and what-nots, too).


PatShand said...

Perfect. I can't believe how great that was. Peter David is just ace... he gave such an effortlessly beautiful explanation of Illyria's weird attraction to plants. Man, I'm gonna love this.

Wyndam said...

Wow that is fantastic.

ryan marshall said...

Perfectly captivating! I liked how it shows how powerful Illyria was they needed to use her symbols to kill her... or close as you can to killing her. her supposed "true form" looks like she's got Magneto's head but at least it acknowledged Illyria to be far greater than she was presented in #15 (an imitation of her true form).

can't wait for this, with the Drusilla issue as well this is gonna be a great month for my bday!

DanielW said...


Looking forward to that, more Peter David is never a bad thing.