Monday, May 4, 2009

FCBD recap

I set out to take pictures from the Free Comic Book Day event at Earth-2 Comics in Northridge on Saturday but got occupied by the crowds and all so I didn't post as many as I intended, but the ones I did take are up at A couple quick ones here.

First, Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin came by to chat about... something (more on that... soon enough):

And COMIC BOOKS 101 co-author Scott Tipton and I officially started selling the book (albeit only a handful of advance copies; the book's release date is May 20. Still, sold out all the copies we had in Hour One of the signing):


lonegamer78 said...

YOU WERE AT NORTHRIDGE?! WHAT THE-?! My alma mater's there! ><

GR said...

Hey, congratulations!
Finally we could grab a copy of the new Comic Book Bible!