Monday, May 11, 2009

Blood, Trenches, Crews and a Lake, too

Some reviews for recent IDW releases. The first two, both from Comics Bulletin, are both 5-star reviews for John Byrne:
"Angel: Blood and Trenches is an utterly gorgeous depiction of naked pencil. For Star Trek: Crew, Byrne chooses a more traditional look for his art. The subject demands ink and color, but again, the title is a testament to Byrne's skill as an artist and a storyteller."


Also, a couple looks at GROOM LAKE #2:

GROOM LAKE #2 at Houdini Sanctum
GROOM LAKE #2 at Living Between Wednesdays

And a review of GROOM 2 at

"Okay, didn't see that twist coming. I really enjoyed the first issue of Groom Lake, but this second one, which took the ideas that were worked into the first one and threw them into a giant blender and hit puree, surprised me. The character of Archibald, the resident chain smoking alien, had me in stitches and the way Ryall pulls the rug out from under everyone was nothing short of fantastic. Bring the next one on. Oh...And yeah, Ben Templesmith still manages to hang on to the title of Artistic Rock God, in case you were wondering."

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Matt said...


Could you link to some reviews other than those by Ray Tate?

After the horrible things he said about Gail Simone a few years ago (the infamous "Getting on her knees") and the follow ups of calling her a coward, hypocrit and other outlandish statements, I can't stomach reading anything he writes.

I know Gail thinks very highly of John Byrne after working with him. So I doubt John would think too highly of Ray or his reviews either no matter how positive they may be.