Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Locke wall

I know this two-page spread from LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES #3 has already been seen in print, but it's worth showing here, and at this larger size, for anyone who wants to admire the extreme level of detail in Gabriel's art and in Jay Fotos' coloring. And it's further being shown here as a B&W image so you can see what it looked like before Jay did his thing.

There's a similar two-page spread in the issue that concludes the HEAD GAMES arc, issue 6, and since I want to keep that one under wraps, here's the first such spread. Issue 5 is in stores next Wednesday, May 20.

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NuclearConvoy said...

Wow, Chris, that is FANTASTIC! I don't read this book, because I am less able to buy more books these days (especially IDW's books, which cost me 4.95 before tax these days) but I am really happy you shared this spread. The art is just gorgeous.