Friday, May 22, 2009

101 deleted scenes

Over at, Scott Tipton (101 founder and COMIC BOOKS 101 co-author) has been running chapters that we had to cut from the final 101 manuscript. I usually don't delve too deeply into my non-IDW projects in this space beyond mentioning them or showing a cover (and I'm not sure why, really, but I've so far tended to just have this blog be primarily an IDW thing. Probably time to rethink that plan -- I've got actual books to sell now!). But up right now at Comics101 is a deleted chapter that I was proud of. It ultimately had to be trimmed since it didn't quite fit into the 288 pages and 40,000 words we were allotted. The chapter gave brief descriptions of pretty much every other publisher that's not covered in more detail in the book. And at least now at the site, Tipton added an image for every publisher, something we likely wouldn't have been able to do in the book itself. The direct link to the chapter (well, the first part of the whole chapter. It continues next week) is here. And you can pore through Scott's archives for more deleted chapters, all entited "Comic Books 101 in Focus."

As always, my goofy TV RECOMMENDATIONS column is new every Monday there, either.*
*Not recommended for anyone who wants actual recommendations. Archives here.

Incidentally, COMIC BOOKS 101 is evidently now in stock at, which means it'll be in stores and comics shops everywhere within the next two weeks.

*UPDATE: This site shows the book shipping to comics shops on Thursday, 5/29. I can't confirm that through Diamond yet but I like the sound of that.

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Tony Solomun said...

that is wonderful,
any possibility of a second book ?

and my store says the first week of next is due,

so awaiting to read the book,

all the best mate,