Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Angel in Hell: The Movie

There's been some talk recently about a new BUFFY movie done without Joss Whedon's involvement. If that happens, it'll only be following the next Whedonverse movie. Which one? ANGEL: LAST ANGEL IN HELL.

It makes sense that there'd be a movie about ANGEL's life. After all, all of LA went to hell, returned, and remembered the experience. So there was no question that someone would pitch a movie about the experience. Hell, it's likely that every single resident in LA (and LA-adjacent towns) wrote a screenplay about their time in hell.

Now, we'd all like to think the movie would be handled tastefully. Something like this:

But much more likely is that the movie version will look like this:

We'll find out in te first-ever ANGEL ANNUAL, courtesy of screenwriter Brian Lynch and cinematographer Stephen Mooney. (And you get your first teaser trailer for the movie in ANGEL 26, by the same team. Red band trailer to come...)


Elena said...


Is Spike played by Pamela Anderson?

PatShand said...

That is so freaking great. You guys are really taking ANGEL to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Spike will be played by Harmony of course.

CakyCakCak said...

So Who are playing Angel and gang in the hollywood poster

Angel: Nicolas Cage?
Gunn: Jorge Garcia
Spike: ????
Ilyria: ????

Tony Solomun said...

that is so terrific,
will be cool to read,

all the best,

Stephen Mooney said...

CakCakCak, there are no 'real' actors portraying Spike, Wes and Illyria, I just made 'em up.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Gunn that guy from LOST?