Friday, February 29, 2008

The Wrightson stuff

I was going to post a piece or two of art from Bernie Wrightson, a true comic book legend (see: SWAMP THING, FRANKENSTEIN, or just about any other page he worked on. Even BATMAN: THE CULT looked amazing back when, even if the story was... well, it looked amazing!). See, Bernie's doing his first work for IDW, penciling and inking a little horror-noir miniseries penned by Steve Niles and called DEAD, SHE SAID. But somehow posting a page doesn't quite seem enough, so instead, enjoy this little trailer produced by Hazmat Studios. The comic starts in May.


GR said...

Bernie Wrightson is a living legend!
Congrats IDW!


jamie said...

to heck with 'the dark knight returns',batman 'the cult' was what got me into batman.
great covers,too.

Anonymous said...

Great trailer ... but is there any chance of posting the *uncropped* art? There's 3 pages in the IDW solicits in the new Previews catalog, but they're too small to see clearly. I'd love to see some nice big jpegs, to clearly show off Berni's lush inked linework!