Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ghost in the machine

Before we shut things down today for the big office move (pics of the nice new digs coming soon!), I thought I'd post a few covers for our GHOST WHISPERER series, since this one seems to have slipped a bit below the radar, marketing-wise. The interiors will be by Elena Casagrande, who did such a nice job on our ORIONS comic. And the series is written by Carrie Smith & Beka Smith, both of whom work on the show itself. The comic has a nice, dark mood to it, similar to the current (well, it'll be current when the strike is finally over and episodes are running again) season of the show. This comic's a great thing to point out to people who might normally avoid comics that are too spandex-y and testosterone-filled. The first three images here are from Joselle Ho, the final one from Brian Miller.


Anonymous said...

I don't watch Ghost Whisperer so I don't think I'll be reading these comics. However, I just needed to say how amazing the art looks. Unbelievably stunning. I hope you can get one of these artists to do a cover for After the Fall.

PatShand said...

I'm probably going to be buying this series. I have the first season of the show, but haven't seen it yet. Will the series be released as a TPB eventually?

Chris Ryall said...

It'll eventually be either collected as a full-size TPB or possibly a digest-sized book. Or maybe even both, at separate times.