Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Great and Secret Team

Gabriel Rodriguez, my artistic partner on, first, GEORGE A. ROMERO'S LAND OF THE DEAD, and then the 12-part CLIVE BARKER'S THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW, and BEOWULF, visited America from Chile for the first time ever this past week. He spent the week at my house, and we spent a day in LA with Clive Barker (and another top-secret meeting I'll talk about in a couple months from now). Here we are with our biggest fan, my daughter Lucy.

Gabriel's time with IDW actually predates mine--he was the artist on multiple CSI series , and has likely drawn more pages for IDW than anyone else in our history. And in less than two weeks, you can catch his latest project, LOCKE & KEY, with author Joe Hill. Issue 1 is in stores on February 20. It's 32 full pages of story and art, and rather than repeat my raving about it again here, I'll direct your attention below to the little "movie trailer" we have for the book.

Gabe also got to visit the great Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, although our timing was a bit off--we missed their "Y the Last Party" by one day, but Gabe got to show off his work a bit with the advance copies of L&K 1 and 2, and talk Chile with the Chilean owner of the shop. And soon enough, I'll spread word on a coming "frat launch party" planned at the store to coincide with the launch of Brian Lynch and Dave Crosland's EVERYBODY'S DEAD comic.

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