Friday, February 22, 2008

The mirror, and that car on the 405, crack'd

You know what I don't recommend? Driving to and from Los Angeles from San Diego on a day of heavy rains. Still, while I sit at a wired coffee house and wait for some freeway accidents to clear, I see no better time than to check e-mail and post an image that just arrived there. Namely, this one, the first cover for our upcoming-in-June STAR TREK: MIRROR IMAGES series. This one's written by Scott & David Tipton (and, in the case of the Mirror-Pike story, Scott, David & I) and has the great David Messina on art. Some advance art from Scott, David and David's current ST: TNG series will be posted here next week, but for now, enjoy the Mirror-Spock stylings of cover artist Joe Corroney.


Anonymous said...

And here I was, thinking "right, if I just by the TF Trades and the monthly Spotlights I can save some money".

And now, you do this.
DAMN YOU IDW for all this BRILLIANT stuff.

You, sir, will be hearing from my accountant. ;)

Anonymous said...


The mirror series is what I'm looking most forward to from the Stage 2 stuff.

Thanks for sharing Chris!


I love this cover!

I can't wait to start this series!!!