Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Made it so

With all the recent talk we've been doing about new STAR TREK series, stuff like John Byrne's series of Peter David's NEW FRONTIER book or D.C. Fontana writing her first-ever ST series, that's given short shrift to the great work being done on the new NEXT GENERATION series we've got going, ST: TNG: INTELLIGENCE GATHERING. Scott & David Tipton are delivering
a great multi-part tale that's giving the spotlight to numerous TNG faves, and artist David Messina is truly getting better and better with every issue he works on. Add to their work the great covers that Joe Corroney has been delivering here (shown here in B&W and then color) and you've got a series every bit as interesting, if not better, than this same teams previous KLINGONS series. So it's past time that I show off their fare in this space. These images are all from issue 3, coming soon...


Anonymous said...

I love a story with Miles O'Brien in it.
Best thing, character-wise, about DS9 IMO.

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing!