Sunday, March 2, 2008

Everybody's Dead is alive soon

Brian Lynch (writer of ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL and two other upcoming "somethings" that are going to make lots of people happy) and Dave Crosland's new zombie comicdy, EVERYBODY'S DEAD, launches later this month (and if you're in LA, it'll be launching with a special party at the great Meltdown Comics, details to come). And as a further tease for the book, here's the cover to June's issue 4, as colored by Len O'Grady.


Anonymous said...

"Two other somethings that are going to make many people happy".

You sir, are a terrible, terrible, tease.

As for sheer speculation sake:
Assuming that you mean he's going to try his hand at one or two of the other Franchises IDW holds, I'd like to see his take on Doctor Who and Star Trek personally (maybe he's penning one of the whispered about "Star Trek: Infinities" or whatever the "what if..." stories are called).

Or maybe a TF/Trek Spotlight.

zriza said...

Sir, you are horrible !!! Teasing us like that and leaving us hanging ???

Star Trek: Infinities ??? Sounds promisming. I loved 2 of the 3 Star Wars: Infinities books.

Chris Ryall said...

A little more, than: one is part of an existing license we currently hold, and the other is an all-new property for us to take on.

One of the two, I'll likely announce later this week.

PatShand said...

Ahhh Chris... "Two other somethings that are going to make many people happy." Very, very exciting. Could the existing lisence be a "Spike" series? Eh? Wishful thinking?

PatShand said...

Annnnd by all new property... I'm thinking a "Lost" comic, maybe? Or something that isn't a franchise, but a whole new series?

Anonymous said...

Lynch on the rumoured GI Joe series?
I still say I'd like to see his take on Doctor Who (if he needs help, I'm sure there's a moderator over on the IDW forum who'd GLADLY help him out)

zriza said...

New property ??? Oh how I wish that it will be Stargate. Avatar are doing nothing with this Stargate.