Friday, February 1, 2008

All Hail Nick Roche's art

This is for a promo for an as-yet unannounced (but some resourceful fans have already nailed down what it is) TRANSFORMERS book. Nice, da, comrades? Art by Nick, and "aging" and effects done by Trevor Hutchinson.


Feikki said...

Oh, shit! I shatted my trousers!

Or, how that famous quote goes?

Incredibly sexy and exciting!

Shane McCarthy said...

Nick Roche AND Trevor Hutchison :)

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yes. Needs to be wallpaper'd!

Hak|Sixshot said...

Now that's a great image. I demand a wallpaper! All the way up to 2560x1600!! This will look fantastic as a solicitation poster on various city walls. Imagine walking by to see a propaganda poster of Megatron. :)

John Hood said...

Rich in atmosphere! And worthy of a student dorm!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes...hi-res, please. This is too awesome.

Andy said...

That's damned fine!

Definitely needs to be a wallpaper!


Anonymous said...

Move over Che Guevara - make way for a more successful revolutionary!

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, post it hi-res, this is THE wallpaper!!!

Anonymous said...

Please make it a poster! It's fantastic!

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