Monday, February 11, 2008

7 of Nice

Let's start the week off with the color versions of John Byrne's first three STAR TREK: ASSIGNMENT EARTH covers. The series, featuring Gary 7, begins in May, and the cover colors are courtesy of the great Tom Smith.


Anonymous said...

Chris, first thanks for posting these pages, beautiful!

Could you please help me end this rumor?

"I simply can not stress how much of a mistake contracting John Byrne to work on the new Trek books has turned out to be.
We've had to return art to him no less than 15 times for corrections. In one case he completely redesigned a Romulan ship that hasn't changed since it was first seen on screen in The Original Series.
He's also deviated from the confirmed plot numerous times and he simply refuses to change it. I've never had a work experience filled with this many headaches.
I'm starting to understand why he hasn't been getting much work at DC, Marvel and Dark Horse of late."

That was posted by someone who wouldn't say who they were but too many people are believing them. What are the true facts?


Chris Ryall said...

What in the world is this?

Working with John has been an absolute pleasure in every way, not least of which is his professionalism and attention to detail on both story and art. I'm only too happy to be doing these books with him and hope to do lots more in the future, too.

This sounds like more 'net nonsense from some anti-Byrne type, but it certainly never came from anyone working with him at IDW or Paramount.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing it up so fast Chris. I saw a link to the post on Newsarama and a bunch of sad boys were believing every word.

Also I forgot to say how great Tom Smith's coloring is. I've long loved his work and he really does credit to John Byrne's pencils.

Anonymous said...

Now, I freely admit that Trek isn't a series that grabbed me (and the later versions of the franchise less and less) BUT what IDW has done with the Spotlights, and the previews of these new serials have sucked me right in.

This new series based around Gary Seven seems to be very intriguing...

GarySeven said...

I look forward to seeing these books. Will be the first new books I've bought in years.

For those curious, here's a way the show might have looked like had it been picked up. .

Anonymous said...

After all the problems John Byrne has had with Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse, why wouldn't he have problems working with the people at IDW?

He's a jerk.

Anonymous said...

John Byrne is one angry old man. Angry at an industry he no longer understands and is no longer relevant in.

The only bright spot in his day is when he finds suckers like Matt "fatty" Hawes to overpay for his crappy commissions.

Anonymous said...

I have a huge BONER for these pages!

Anonymous said...

Matt "Herbie" Hawes is way too cheap to ever buy one of Byrne's commissions. He barely makes any money at the comic shop he owns.

Suckers like Wayne Osbourne, Ari Shapiro and Gerry Turnbull are the guys that finance Byrne's lavish lifestyle of action figures, authentic Lincoln letters and ass cream!

Anonymous said...

I AM JOE ZHANG! Having beaten my crippling interNET addiction i have now returned to spread the gospel of my personal lord and savior John Byrne!

Fat pigs like Matt Hawes may profess to love John Byrne but they are just pretenders. My love for Byrne shines like a beacon in the darkness!

God Im lonely.

Anonymous said...

Amazing to see such spite and venom from some of the feedback postings here. AICN is calling some of you back home! Shoo!

I think IDW deserves a lot of credit for putting John Byrne on the Star Trek titles. I have a drawing by Byrne of the TOS Enterprise from years ago. Typical Byrne art: Clean lines, perfect dimensions, great angle. It makes me all the more excited to see him working on a Trek-related project like this.

Thanks for sharing the cover art. I'm looking forward to picking up the comics as they're released. (Worth mentioning: After seeing the first few TOS and TNG comics from IDW, I said "No way!" - lousy stories, horrible art. With Byrne, I'll take a leap of faith. Start hiring better talent, like Byrne. You'll get my hard-earned $$.)