Monday, July 6, 2009

Upon further review

There's been a few reviews of recent IDW books that I haven't had time to post individually, so let's just run through some of them all at once here:

Dueling reviews at for LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES #6 at First, this one and then this even more raving review:
Not only has Joe Hill kept the Locke and Key franchise fresh throughout this second series, but at its end, Head Games actually trumps the initial stories in just about every way ... In the meantime, Gabriel Rodriguez continues to assert himself as one of the premier horror artists in the industry.'s review of LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES #6

LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES #6 at Jimmy In The Garden:
Joe Hill is writing the best comic on the stands today ... Gabriel Rodriguez is a future hall of famer in the annals of great comic book artists.

Interview with Scott Tipton at Buffyverse Comics

ASTRO BOY PREQUEL at Midwest Book Review:
This four-part series is deftly written by Scott Tipton and superbly illustrated by Diego Jourdan...

This never failed to make me laugh out loud but there was always an underlying pathos to the story.

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