Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Doctor is in... trouble

The first issue of our new ongoing DOCTOR WHO series was just released today (and already received a 4-star review from Comic Book Resources) so there's a chance that this Paul Grist cover image for issue 3 might serve as a bit of a spoiler (the train doesn't really sever the Doctor's head at the start of issue 2! Shh!). But it's just to good to keep under wraps any longer.

And while I'm potentially spoiling things, let me take it a step further and show an interior page from the issue, too. Art on this is from Matthew Dow Smith and Charlie Kirchoff.

Both of these issues come to us courtesy of this guy. Sorry, this reverend, based on his Sunday afternoon activity.

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DanielW said...

Love the traditional "Doctor's pocket junk" scene.