Monday, July 13, 2009

We WIll Brea You

Brea Grant and her brother Zane Austin Grant are creating a new series for IDW called WE WILL BURY YOU. It's a zombie tale set in 1920s New York. Brea, at the con to also promote her role in Rob Zombie's upcoming HALLOWEEN 2 film, will be signing promo cards and the IDW COMING ATTRACTIONS book that shows the first image of WE WILL BURY YOU (from Ben Templesmith) at our booth on Thursday at 4:30 PM (Ben and I will be signing there at the same time that day).

It seems Brea and Zane have come up with a novel way to promote this series, too. It involves singing, and the barter system. Details here, at her site.

Hope everyone attending the con can come by and say hey, and even listen to the Grant siblings' zombie-warbling, too. Maybe if what you trade them is good enough, they'll even do an a capella version in person...

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