Thursday, July 9, 2009

June third

The June numbers are out and we're #3 by the largest margin we've ever had. And this is the month before Darwyn Cooke's PARKER book hits. Always nice to have this kind of news leading us into Comic-Con.


Anonymous said...


Congrats IDW. :)


El Torres said...

Congratulations... hard work has their rewards!

GR said...

Hooray for the "Big Three"!

lonegamer7 said...

Send the rest of the IDW gang the congrats, Ryall! :)

Tony Lee said...

...AND the first issue of the new Doctor Who ongoing!!!!

Anonymous said...

"...AND the first issue of the new Doctor Who ongoing!!!!"

I'm pumped for this!! Issue is pre-ordered.

If only TF could get the same love... ;)


DanielW said...

Jolly Good!

Quality artists, quality writers, quality stories.
Do try and takes notes Quesada :p

I personally believe it is all down to having the licence for Doctor Who ;)

ANDY KUHN said...

that is amazing, sir.
you are some kind of genius! :)

Tony Solomun said...

that is terrific mate,well done,
how many months at #3 is that now ?
5 or so ?

all the best mate,

PatShand said...

Congrats again. More than well deserved.