Thursday, July 9, 2009

Radio daze

A few days ago, I posted word of the radio show I'm co-hosting this weekend. Well, among the other guests on the show is going to be the great Jimmy Palmiotti, co-creator of THE LAST RESORT, a new miniseries starting on Wednesday, July 15. Jimmy'll be talking that up, his work on JONAH HEX, and whatever else (his old Brooklyn Bizarro Web site, maybe?). Follow this link for information on the show, which will be podcast after it airs live if you're not able to listen in one of the markets or online. The show is this Sunday, 11AM - 12 PM east coast time.

*UPDATE 7.11.09: HEROES/HALLOWEEN 2's Brea Grant and Good Charlotte's Billy Martin -- along with Michael Crawford, an old pal from my MoviePoopShoot days, will also now be guests on the show.

And here's a 5-page preview of THE LAST RESORT #1:


Tony Solomun said...

cool to hear mate,
and did you check
out Wednesday Comics #1.
the Supergirl page by Palmiotti,
has a guy with your exact look
and a daughter named Lucy,
I mean who else could that be ?

all the best mate,

CHUNK said...

Oh man. Last Resort looks grand! I'll be sure to get that going into my box at the Isotope.

PatShand said...


That looks really good.

If you guys keep making comics this awesome, I'm gonna have to work another day of the week!

Klaus said...

This comic looks and reads fantastic!
And I gotta "tune in" online for more from you guys! Sunday at 9pm CET sounds like a relaxed time to draw and have some comic radio on the side. Excellent!

(not that in Minnesota)

PatrickWedge said...

Good to hear. Looking forward to Last Resort and you waxing on with Jimmy. Have fun getting in a word. :)