Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fallen interview

Impulse Creations posted a new interview with FALLEN ANGEL creator/writer Peter David. In the interview, David not only gives some backstory on just what the character is all about but also discusses what people will see in FALLEN ANGEL: REBORN (guest-starring Joss Whedon's Illyria), the first issue of which hits stores two weeks from today.

Bete Noire just came out the other side of a major war for control of the City that Shapes the World. The Fallen Angel's side won, but not without a price: Her son, Jude, who was once the Magistrate, is now horribly disfigured and has taken up residence at Furor's, the Angel's former haunt. There he serves as a court of last resort for the truly desperate. The Fallen Angel, meanwhile, is now the Magistrate of Bete Noire. She's now in charge, which for her is almost sort of a living death. It's the one thing she never wanted.

Read the full interview here.

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ryan marshall said...

this is going to be sooooooo good. July is a great month for comics at least. Not sure Illyria is as powerful as Liandra after her depowerment though, but it would good for her to get her licks in!