Monday, July 27, 2009


We showed some new ANGEL images at the panel during the con, so let's catch up with them here. First up, two images from ANGEL 26, the first by Stephen Mooney and the second by Nick Runge. The story (by Brian Lynch) sees Angel and Spike at a comic con where, as happens at all cons, hijinks ensue.

Next up is Runge's cover for ANGEL 27, the second half of the two-parter:

And then this little ditty from Franco Urru, for an upcoming SPIKE series, also to be written by Lynch.

Tomorrow, I'll show Jenny Frison's image for ANGEL 28, the first issue in the Bill Willingham/Brian Denham era...

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James Snelgrove said...

Ohhh, new Spike miniseries?
Urru on art?
You sure know how to please me!